Gaetan Vannay has been a reporter for over 15 years, working for Swiss and international media. Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (RTS), Radio Canada, Radio France (France Info, France Inter), Al Jazeera, Le Temps, among others.

He has been reporting international crises since the early 2000s. He reported from Chechnya, Ukraine, Georgia, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and many other places.

He is now journalist in residence at the GCSP, Geneva Center for Security Policy.

Gaetan Vannay won Swiss and international awards and nominations for his reports.

As a motto, he strongly believes that analyse and theory should backed by “boots on the ground”.

Specialist of Russia, where he studied, lived, worked and travels now regularly, he has also been focusing on Ukraine since 2003. Previously based in London and Moscow, he is currently based in Geneva. Head of the international affairs news desk at the RTS-radio between 2009 and 2014.

He majored in science at the college of the Abbaye de St-Maurice, studied journalism at Neuchâtel University, humanitarian law at Geneva University and Russian language at the Ural Technical Institute in Ekaterinburg (Russia).

He has been training journalists in Switzerland (CRFJ), Russia (MGU), and Ukraine (private venture).

He also give speeches, workshops,  conferences, about geopolitics and risk management.